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What Is Cryotherapy And How It Can Help In Getting Fairer Skin?


Cryotherapy comes from Greek word "Crystallos" which means icy cold, a prefix that means just what the name implies. So from the derived words, it is when icy cold substances are being used in destroying abnormal growths on the dermal layers on the body. It is a bit wordy but, this simply means that it is a way on how to get rid of moles, warts, ugly tags and the likes by using the power of ice or cold to kill them, just how you kill ants or mites with cold or ice products. As a matter of fact, cryotherapy is among the ways on how you can get rid of skin tags and lesions without worrying about high price surgeries or having to cut them off.


Another beauty of the procedure is the fact that it is relatively simple. After you're looked over by qualified dermatologists and he agreed to do the procedure, you'll be fit into the schedule likely on the same week, click to know more!


Undergoing cryotherapy for removing skin tags will require the doctor to use a very cold substance similar to argon, liquid nitrogen or at times, dry ice in order to destroy the cells of the skin tag and then, make it incapable to grow. There are 2 main methods on how the doctor can do this and it is either he injects the cryogen or the cold substance directly to the skin tags using a needle or, the doctor is going to coat the skin tags with cryogen by using a different instrument. Well either way, it is going to be a painless procedure and therefore, no need for anesthesia. To understand more about cryotherapy, visit


After the bad skin has been coated or injected with cryogen, all that's needed to do is wait for it to die. It is that simple. If you have thought of using cryotherapy for your skin tags, then probably you are excited to know that it is a fast painless and safe procedure. On the other hand, you should keep in mind as well that a trained and experienced physician has to apply the cryosurgery or cryotherpay. This is not as expensive as getting a skin care expert to remove the tissues of tag surgically but still, it's fairly costly. Another possible downside is that, the procedure can cover only skin lesions in some parts without risking or harming the normal skin.


In the end, making use of cryotherapy to get rid of skin tags, warts, moles and any other skin related problems are definitely among the better ways if you do not like the idea of cutting them off on your own.