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Cryotherapy: A Guide


One of the common treatment for warts and skin moles is cryotherapy. This is the procedure that has to be carried out by a well-trained medical practitioner. It removes the wart and the moles by freezing them. Dermatologists who are specialists in dealing with any skin problems have been using this type of therapy for quite some time now. They have proved it to be a very effective method even though it's associated with some slight pain.


There are other methodologies that can be used in conjunction with Cryology cryotherapy to help make the healing process faster. Some of the methods have been suggested on the internet, but you should be warned about using a method that you are not even familiar with. It is very dangerous to try treating warts all by yourself. It is therefore recommended to seek help from a medical professional. Some of the people go ahead and burn or cut off warts by themselves. This is hazardous since you might make the wart virus to spread to other parts of the body thus creating more problems.


During the cryotherapy procedure, the dermatologist places the liquid nitrogen onto the skin using various methods such as spraying. There are other items that can be used in freezing the moles and warts, but the nitrogen that is in liquid form is considered by the dermatologists to be the most efficient, safest and easiest to use. They are also more efficient at damaging the affected area to make it easier to remove it.


Before the skin is frozen, the patient has to be informed about what the procedure is, what will occur and any implications that might arise. This is done to prepare the patient psychologically for the cryotherapy procedure. The dermatologist will then administer a local anesthetic to numb the area. Once the skin wart or mole is frozen, the dermatologist will shave it off using a blade. Know more about cryotherapy in


There are other wide varieties of treatments that one can try at home. Use of the duct tape is one of the most popular home-based methods. It has a similar success rate to cryotherapy and is also believed to have no side effects. Before you use any product to treat a wart or a skin mole, you have to look at the ingredients very carefully. Products with components such as aloe Vera and castor oil have been seen to be effective in removal of warts and moles. However, cryotherapy at remains to be the best and most efficient method of removing warts as well as the skin moles.